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We provide comprehensive national and international intellectual property and trade mark protection and enforcement services, including cease and desist services.

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We own a proprietary watchdog service called Trade Mark Hero

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In the world of trade marks, one size does not fit all. It’s very important to us to get to know you and your business, and what your business needs are both now and in the future. Once we’ve established this relationship, we’re able to tailor draft a trade mark application to suit your business’s needs.

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Protect your valuable intellectual property the right way with the experts from IP Wealth®

Intellectual property (IP) law protects the rights of businesses with intangible assets. This could be anything from writing to music, drawings, designs, trade secrets and more. The IP lawyers and specialists at IP Wealth® can help you assert ownership over these assets with trade marks, licensing agreements, design registration, and more.

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Our IP Protection Services

Ensuring the adequate protection and management of your IP and registered trade marks is a significant step towards achieving the most profitable outcome possible for your company. If this is not done, you risk losing the right to trade own products and services using your own brand.

The concepts and processes required to protect your intellectual property are affordably offered by our expert IP Attorneys and specialists via the following services:

Trade Marks

Our comprehensive national and international trade mark protection services establish and maintain registered trade mark rights. We will help you plan strategic trade mark protection solutions for your business to ensure you meet the filing requirements for national trade mark laws and systems.

International Services

For companies that have a global reach, international trade mark protection is crucial. We utilised our trusted associates to assist when we file your trade mark overseas thanks to our large network of reputable associates.

Madrid Protocol Trade Mark Applications

The Madrid Protocol can be a cost-effective and efficient method of international registration administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Trade mark owners enjoy the possibility of trade mark protection in several countries via one application, and our specialist team will ensure this is handled correctly on your behalf.

Trade Mark Monitoring

It is our strong recommendation that you monitor your trade marks for infringement (a responsibility of the trade mark owner). We can save you time by enforcing your registered trade mark rights and monitoring assets throughout your industry to ensure the protection of your IP and business.

Domain Name Protection

In the growing digital space, comprehensive domain names and online IP advice are essential. If the internet is vital to your domestic and international commerce, our expert IP specialists can assist in establishing and protecting your brand.

Cease and Desist

In situations where a competitor or entity is illegally using your IP, we can assist with the cease and desist process, ensuring any brand damage or loss of revenue is minimised or avoided.

Brand Creation

A brand name requires protection by law in order to position itself for rapid growth. With our help, new brands can be protected and enforced under trade mark law.

When to call an IP Lawyer?

An IP specialist should be your first call when reviewing or submitting applications, drafting legally binding contracts, or handling any other work focused on protecting your IP rights. An IP specialist can help with any of the following situations:

  • Applying for and obtaining a trade mark registration
  • Drafting licensing contracts
  • Prosecuting infringers
  • Defending frivolous or meritless claims
  • Drafting sale contracts for IP works
  • Ensuring applications are completed timley (and fees paid)
  • Conducting due diligence to meet necessary criteria
  • Handling oppositions and removal actions
  • All other aspects of trade marks and designs, or the protection of other IP rights
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The Importance of Brand Protection

The Importance of Brand Protection

Intellectual property protection can be difficult when we consider the range of other factors that may jeopardise your intangible assets such as the detriment to your business if a competitor was to copy your brand. IP law is a specialisation that works to protect your business, brand and IP to ensure you make a real impact in the marketplace.

Our intellectual property attorneys and consultants are experienced in every facet of IP law and able to work efficiently to keep your legal costs down. Whether you are applying to secure your rights or disputing a rejected submission, our team will be on your side throughout the process.

Why do I need IP protection?

You may have a brand name, a logo, or a uniquely designed product that requires certain IP rights to be protected. IP Wealth® will ensure that the right legal requirements are accounted for while protecting your valuable asset.

You may be required to draft contracts, licensing deals, or employment agreements, all of which can be complicated and confusing without the proper experience and knowledge. A DIY approach to IP protection is risky, as any mistakes can result in your valuable work being stolen. Avoid this horrible situation and let an experienced IP specialist handle the situation for you. For true peace of mind and the right level of protection, the team at IP Wealth can help.

Let an IP specialist protect your business and call IP Wealth® today

Our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced IP lawyers and specialists should be your first call if you have certain IP rights to protect. Do not accept the high level of risk involved in handling them alone. A quick call to our team on 1800 85 7070 provides you with the options available and how we can help obtain them.

Trust a team of IP specialists with a wealth of knowledge to successfully navigate complicated IP law on your behalf. The sector is constantly evolving, so ensure the right decisions are made when protecting your intellectual property rights before selling, licensing, or manufacturing your products and services. Ask about IP and brand protection by speaking with our skilled intellectual property attorneys and consultants today.

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