Cease and Desist

Has someone copied your brand? A cease and desist letter from IP Wealth® protects your intellectual property

Unauthorised use of your trade marked property can be a big problem and may threaten the success of your business. Your brand image and reputation is your most important asset. If a competitor seeks to copy or tarnish your brand, you will require a cease and desist letter to protect your business and enforce your IP rights. Protect your rights with help from IP Wealth® without incurring the cost and time requirements of litigation. Read on to learn more about how our cease and desist services can help.

What is protected by my trade mark?

The following can be protected by our trade mark team and shielded against unauthorised use via our cease and desist letter services:

  • Business or Australian Company Name
  • Website and Domain Name
  • Logo
  • Trade Mark
  • Design

What is a cease and desist letter?

An IP Wealth cease and desist letter (which can also be referred to as a notice to stop letter/demand letter) is a legal document that is used to notify another party of your demand for them to stop a specific behaviour or action.

In certain cases sending a cease and desist letter is the main action to take when you wish to stop unwanted activity. The letter communicate your plan to take action if the cease and desist is not taken seriously or responded to in a timely manner.

Ensuring the correct cease and desist process

A cease and desist letter is required as a preliminary step to comply with civil dispute resolution laws. The experts at IP Wealth® can help you navigate this. Cease and desist letters may need a signature upon delivery message.

While anyone can send a cease and desist letter, assistance from an experienced attorney or consultant may be helpful in advising whether your rights have been violated and any meritorious legal rights applicable. This is helpful information to have before sending a cease and desist letter. The experts at IP Wealth® can also help with the correct language, structure and more.

Examples of ceasing and desisting

The main areas for which the use of a cease and desist letter is relevant are: 

  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Defamation 
  • Violation of contracts (use of confidential information or trade secrets)

How IP protection can help

Your brand name, logo, or uniquely designed product requires certain IP rights to be protected. The experts at IP Wealth® ensure you meet the right legal requirements to protect your assets. Without IP protection, your valuable work can be stolen and profited from by an external party. An experienced IP specialist can ensure you have adequate protection and registered trade marks so you do not risk losing the right to trade your own products and services. 

Our expert IP lawyers and specialists offer the following services:

  • Trade Mark Applications
  • International Services
  • Madrid Protocol Trade Mark Applications
  • Trade Mark Monitoring
  • Domain Name Protection
  • Cease and Desist Letters & Enforcement
  • Brand Creation and Protection

Do you need an IP Specialist? 

Are you reviewing or submitting Trade Mark applications? Do you need to draft legally binding contracts or handle any other work focused on protecting your IP rights? If so, you may require an IP Wealth IP specialist from IP Wealth®.

Call us for any of the following situations:

  • Cease and desist and enforcement services
  • Applying and obtaining a trade mark
  • Drafting licensing contracts
  • Prosecuting infringers
  • Defending frivolous or meritless claims 
  • Drafting sale contracts for IP works
  • Ensuring applications are completed timely (and fees paid)
  • Conducting due diligence to meet necessary criteria
  • Handling opposition and removal actions
  • All other aspects of trade marks and designs, or the protection of other IP rights 

Have you received an infringement letter?

If you have received a cease and desist letter or letter of demand threatening legal action against you, our experts can also help. It is important to remember that anyone can write a cease and desist letter.

If you receive a cease and desist letter, first review it carefully, and then contact our experts to obtain legal advice, if necessary, to determine the next steps.

Let IP Wealth protect your valuable business assets from misuse today

At IP Wealth, our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced IP specialists can help you navigate the cease and desist process to ensure your IP is never misused. Ensure that we are your first call when you have IP rights to protect or in cases where unauthorised use of your IP has been found. 

The high level of risk involved in navigating the cease and desist process alone is simply not worth it when a quick call to our team on 1800 857 070 provides a reliable and effective solution.  You can trust a team of IP specialists that have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when dealing with the cease and desist process. In a sector that is constantly evolving, we keep across any changes and new requirements to ensure you make the right decisions. Ask about cease and desist, IP and brand protection services by speaking with our skilled intellectual property attorneys and consultants now.

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