Trade Mark Monitoring

Many business owners fail to realise that trade mark monitoring is their responsibility; IP Wealth® can help

Monitoring and enforcing registered trade mark rights is up to you. If you don't, your brand, products and services may be illegally used, costing your business significant sums. Therefore, monitoring your trade mark assets, especially across your competitors and industry, is essential. Failing to monitor your brand regularly means exact or similar trade marks may be granted before you can take any action against them. Read on to learn how the trade mark monitoring team at IP Wealth® can help.

A complete suite of corporate brand monitoring services

Along with brand protection, our expert trade mark monitoring team provides valuable insights into similar market competition. Do you know what new brands may be released by your competitors? 

Let our trade mark monitoring team tailor an appropriate strategy that suits the needs of your business, including any of these relevant services:

Trade Mark Monitoring

Our experts offer trade mark surveillance for potential infringement of your trade marks. We'll find all new and existing applications and registrations that are identical or similar to your existing trade marks. We'll search relevant jurisdictions of interest and provide reports annually, quarterly or monthly which feature the following information:

  • Applicant name
  • TM number
  • Type
  • Goods and services
  • And more

Trade Mark Industry Monitoring

If you require surveillance of a particular industry, we can help. This can be useful for finding out more about new and unknown overseas competitors or industry-wide trends. In addition, we can configure this service to niche classes, with regular reporting to ensure you are across all happenings in a specific industry.

Trade Mark Competitor Monitoring

Monitoring your competitor’s trade mark activity is crucial, especially in progressive and saturated markets. Knowledge of new brands in your sector helps to tailor your strategies to ensure your products and services are easily distinguishable in the marketplace. Our reports explain all new trade mark applications, status changes for existing applications, and lapsed registrations.

Corporate Brand Monitoring

A tailored brand monitoring report can include any or all of the services above regarding your industry and your major competitors. Trade mark monitoring in various jurisdictions is also possible; however, some fees may vary depending on the country in question.

Customs Trade Mark Monitoring and Investigation Services

In some cases, Customs may seize goods imported to Australia if they infringe, or appear to infringe, a registered Australian trade mark. With our Customs trade mark monitoring service, you can form a strong defence against counterfeit goods entering your market. 

We also offer private investigation services that provide comprehensive market surveillance for counterfeit goods, and Social Media and Domain Registration Monitoring.

Let the team at IP Wealth handle your corporate brand monitoring today

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