Trade Marks

IP Wealth® trade mark specialists provide comprehensive national and international protection for your products and services

A trade mark attorney or consultant from IP Wealth® has the experience and knowledge to ensure your business can establish and maintain registered trade mark rights with ease. We'll handle your trade mark application and work with you to develop strategic trade mark protection solutions that suit the needs of your business. Read on to learn more about the services and assistance offered by our trade mark attorneys and consultants.

From trade mark registration to trade mark protection, we have all bases covered

The trade mark attorneys and consultants at IP Wealth® have years of experience across our full range of trade mark services, which include:

  • Providing trade mark registrability advice
  • Conducting a trade mark search to ensure the availability of trade marks in both Australia and New Zealand
  • Conducting trade mark searches to determine the availability of trade marks overseas
  • Preparing, filing and managing trade mark applications in Australia and New Zealand
  • Preparing, filing and managing Madrid Protocol trade mark applications
  • Facilitating the preparation, direct filing and management of international trade mark applications
  • In cases where the Examiner rejects your trade mark, our team will respond to their report on your behalf
  • Prosecution of trade mark opposition proceedings for both applicants and opponents
  • Negotiation and settlement of trade mark oppositions and disputes
  • Researching and providing advice on the validity of trade marks for non-use purposes
  • Management of Australian and international trade mark portfolios
  • Facilitating the renewal and maintenance of trade marks
  • Trade mark infringement and competitor monitoring

As experts and specialists in trade mark law, the full suite of services above ensures that IP Wealth can cater to your business's precise needs, tailoring our offerings to suit.

The extended reach of our trade mark lawyers and consultants

We offer direct handling of trade marks in Australia and New Zealand and can also file and manage international trade mark applications on your behalf. With years of experience in the industry, we have established extensive networks of international associates and can also submit via the Madrid Protocol. 

We guarantee that all international filing requirements are met, and our trade mark attorneys and consultants have extensive knowledge of national trade mark laws and systems to ensure efficient and accurate results for your business.

Understanding the Madrid Protocol trade mark application

The Madrid Protocol may suit your business needs as a cost-effective and efficient way of registering trade marks internationally. Registration is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), allowing trade mark owners to ensure trade mark protection in several countries via one application. 

Our specialist team of trade mark attorneys and consultants will ensure this is handled in the correct manner on your behalf.

The benefits of holding a trade mark

A trade mark is an important part of your brand and a valuable marketing tool. For many companies, their trade mark is their identity and can be quite valuable as the success of your business grows. A trade mark protects specific names, logos, and symbols pertaining to your products or brand. Even sounds and colours that are emblematic can be trade marked!

Once registered, you will be able to add a ® symbol to your products. It should be noted that it is an offence to use the ® symbol when the trade mark is not registered. Using someone else’s trade mark as your own is against the law. It is an offence under the Trade Marks Act 1995 and likely also a breach of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010

Trade marks do differ from Patents and Copyrights

Patents protect inventors and innovations, and are often granted to new products, technical solutions, or scientific processes. Copyright protection is applied to art, books, music, scripts, film and other creative works. Owners of copyrighted material have exclusive legal rights to distribute and perform the work in the public domain.

The difference between a trade mark and a business name 

It is important to note that registering a business name does not give you exclusive rights to it. Therefore, trade mark protection is essential to secure your brand.

Our trade mark consultants can help during the important time when first starting out. We can help you understand what must be registered and how to best protect your brand. Before registering a business name, it is vital to check if it has been trade marked already.

A business name is what you trade under, identifying who you are to customers and other businesses. Always register a business name before you begin operations, and it is vital that you register a business name if trading under a name other than your own. Business names similar to another registered name are rejected, and your registration does not prevent someone who has registered the same name as a trade mark from using it. Our trade mark lawyers and consultants can help you navigate all of this to ensure your brand is completely protected.

Let a trade mark expert protect your assets; call IP Wealth now

Our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced trade mark specialists are here to help you foster your brand and ensure trade mark protection. There is a high risk when attempting to handle trade mark registration on your own. Protect your business and cover all bases by calling our team on 1800 857 070 today. We will present the relevant options for your situation and explain how our trade mark consultants can help. 

Trust a team of trade mark specialists who have a wealth of knowledge to successfully navigate complicated trade mark requirements on your behalf. We will ensure you make the right decisions before selling, licensing, or manufacturing your products and services. Ask about our trade mark brand protection today, and let one of our skilled trade mark attorneys and consultants help you today.

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