Brand Creation

A brand name is only as good as the protection that can be afforded to it by law: an IP Wealth® brand creation consultation can help

You likely spent a lot of time crafting your new brand name (trade mark), if it is not protectable or enforceable under trade mark law, this may all have been a waste of time. The expert team at IP Wealth® offer brand creation legal advice, and you should call us as early as possible when creating new products and services. Read on to learn more about our brand creation consultation services.

Have you run a trade mark check?

When working with our strategic and creative naming workshops, you have the opportunity to work closely with our trade mark experts to ensure your new brand is available and protectable under the law. We can brainstorm with you or your creative advisers for a full or half day to discover new and creative names that are available for use and registration as a trade mark in Australian and international markets.

By ensuring your unique new name complies with the requirements of an enforceable trade mark, you can guarantee the long-term investment of your brand. All of this is vital before investing any money into a new brand name!

Ensure trade mark registration and protection all at once

Our trade mark attorneys and consultants offer a full range of trade mark services which we can pair with your brand creation consultation to ensure everything you need is ready to go before launching your new business.

Some actions we can offer along with your consultation include:

  • Trade mark registrability advice
  • A trade mark check, Australia and overseas, to ensure the availability of trade marks
  • Preparing, filing and managing trade mark applications 
  • Management of Australian and international trade mark portfolios
  • Facilitating the renewal and maintenance of trade marks
  • Trade mark infringement and competitor monitoring
  • And more

Ask about IP Wealth’s brand creation legal advice and trade mark services today

When investing in your new business or idea, it is important to ensure that all bases are covered and that you are fully protected. A trade mark is a vital part of your brand and your identity. An IP Wealth® brand creation consultation includes in-depth brand creation legal advice, trade mark check services, and everything else you need to get started on the right foot.

Call and speak with us now on 1800 85 7070 and set up your brand creation consultation with one of our experts. It is crucial that you take these necessary steps before investing any money into your potential new brand, products or services - this is the secret of many famous brand names who work to ensure the long-term investment of a brand. At IP Wealth®, we’re here to help protect and grow your new brand!

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