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IP Wealth® offers the finest trade mark lawyers and specialists Sunshine Coast can access to protect valuable intellectual property

With a skilled trade mark attorney,

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businesses can ensure they work within the bounds of intellectual property (IP) law. This is crucial for distributors of unique products and services as it protects the rights of these assets. From music to drawings, designs, trade secrets and other IP, the lawyers and specialists at IP Wealth® offer trade mark registration, licensing agreements, design registration, and trade mark monitoring

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businesses require to ensure their assets are safe.

Call our expert team today if you require any of these services or your intellectual property rights have been infringed. We can help you navigate a range of areas that protect your company's most significant assets, including:

Trade marks

Trade mark monitoring

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Cease and desist letters

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Domain name protection

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Brand creation

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And more

Why do

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business owners require brand protection?

No matter which sector you are in, there is a level of competition, especially as your company grows more successful, that leaves you vulnerable to the unauthorised use of your assets. Many situations may jeopardise your IP assets and be a detriment to your business, for example, a competitor copying your products. IP law works to protect your business against these vulnerabilities by offering a safeguard for your brand and intellectual property to ensure your impact in the marketplace is as effective as possible.

The intellectual property consultants and trade mark lawyers

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you can access via IP Wealth® are highly knowledgeable, with years of experience in every facet of IP law. We will work efficiently to ensure your legal costs stay within budget as we apply to secure your rights or dispute a rejected submission. No matter what your legal requirements may be, our team is on your side, ensuring the complicated process is made much simpler.

When to call the trade mark attorney

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If you have a brand name, logo, or uniquely designed product, we strongly recommend ensuring you have certain IP rights protected. This is where the team at IP Wealth® can help, and we suggest calling us before investing money in your new brand, products or services. We will ensure that the right legal requirements are met, protecting your valuable assets before they become vulnerable in the public space.

Speak to our team before drafting contracts, creating or signing licensing deals, or offering employment agreements. These situations can be complicated and confusing if the proper experience and knowledge are not available.

While many business owners believe they can take a DIY approach to these legal documents, or their overall IP protection, it is important to recognise that this is a risky way to save money. In many cases, it may cost you more than you have saved as any mistakes can result in your valuable work being stolen or being drawn into lengthy and expensive litigation. 

The surest way to avoid this horrible situation is by contacting the experienced trade mark lawyer

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trusts, IP Wealth®, to handle the situation for you. This not only provides peace of mind but, most importantly, the right level of protection.

Our IP protection and trade mark monitoring

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There are many ways for a

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business owner to ensure the adequate protection and management of any IP or registered trade marks. By doing this correctly, you are taking a significant step towards ensuring the most profitable outcome possible for your business. On the other hand, failing to do this risks losing the right to trade your own products and services.

There are many ways for a

Sunshine Coast

business owner to ensure the adequate protection and management of any IP or registered trade marks. By doing this correctly, you are taking a significant step towards ensuring the most profitable outcome possible for your business. On the other hand, failing to do this risks losing the right to trade your own products and services.

Trade Marks

Thanks to our comprehensive national and international trade mark protection services, we can help businesses of all sizes establish and maintain their registered trade mark rights. From planning strategic trade mark protection solutions to ensuring you meet the filing requirements for national trade mark laws and systems, we will guarantee every step of the process is accounted for. We also offer ongoing trade mark monitoring to ensure you are always protected and any competitor activity is reported on.

Madrid Protocol Trade Mark Applications

A big part of how we achieve efficient overseas trade mark registration is the Madrid Protocol. This can be a cost-effective and efficient way to internationally register multiple trade marks administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This process offers trade mark owners a simple way to ensure trade mark protection in several countries via one application. The specialist international trade mark team at IP Wealth will ensure this is handled correctly on your behalf.

Trade Mark Monitoring

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As mentioned above, we can monitor your trade marks for infringements, and as this is the responsibility of the trade mark owner, we strongly recommend that any trade mark holders make use of this service. Our skilled team will save you time by enforcing your registered trade mark rights while also monitoring all assets throughout your industry to ensure all competitor action is reported on for visibility and the protection of your intellectual property.

Domain Name Protection

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If you operate in the competitive digital space, it is highly recommended that comprehensive domain names and online IP advice are acquired to ensure your brand, products, and services are unique. If online trade is vital to your domestic and international commerce, you will greatly benefit from our expert IP specialists when establishing and protecting your brand.

Cease and Desist Letter

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There may be a point in your business journey where a competitor or entity is illegally using your IP. If this is to be found, it is crucial that it is stopped as quickly as possible. We can assist with the cease and desist process to minimise (or completely avoid) any brand damage or loss of revenue.

Brand Creation

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Our expert team can assist with your brand creation, building in protection by law in order to position your business for rapid growth. New brands can be formed, protected and enforced under trade mark law with the assistance of our team, ensuring you refrain from investing funds into a brand that is vulnerable in the marketplace.

International Services

If your company has or is about to have, a global reach, our international trade mark protection is a must-have. With our trusted network of international and boutique associates, we can file your trade mark overseas in the most efficient and affordable way possible.

When should you call the trade mark lawyer

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relies on?

A trade mark lawyer or IP attorney should be your first call if you require the review or submission of applications, the creation of legally binding contracts, or any handling of work focused on protecting your IP rights.

Some situations in which an IP Wealth® specialist can support a

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business may be:

Application of a trade mark

Creation of licensing contracts

Prosecuting anyone who infringes on your existing trade mark

Defending frivolous or meritless claims

The creation of sale contracts for IP works

Ensuring applications are timely completed (and fees paid)

Conducting in-depth due diligence to meet the required criteria

Handling any opposition and removal actions

All other aspects of trade marks and designs or the protection of other IP rights 

Unsure if you may or may not need legal help? This is understandable, and our team wants to make this as simple as possible for you. A simple phone call to our knowledgeable trade mark lawyers and consultants will provide all of the answers you need. We are always happy to steer you in the right direction, even if this means our services will not be required.

Let the trade mark lawyers

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trusts protect your business by calling IP Wealth® today

We are proud of the business community in

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and want to do all that we can to help foster its growth. IP and trade mark protection is an important yet sometimes forgotten part of this. Our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyers, consultants, and specialists should be your first call when creating a brand, new products and services or any other situation in which you have certain IP rights to protect. 

It is vital that you avoid the high level of risk that comes with attempting to handle complex situations alone. All it takes is a quick call to our team on 1800 857 070 for an in-depth explanation of the relevant options available for your situation and how we can help obtain them.

The team of specialists at IP Wealth® have an abundance of knowledge and are best positioned to help

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business owners successfully navigate complicated IP law. Make the right decisions when protecting your business assets before selling, licensing, or manufacturing any products and services. Our IP and brand protection is the insurance you can rely on; speak with our skilled lawyers and consultants today.

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