Domain Name Protection

Domain name protection is crucial to ensure your online brand is never at risk; IP Wealth can ensure your digital safety today

Along with our trade mark services, IP Wealth's comprehensive domain name and online IP advice ensure that your brand is secure on all fronts. Protecting your domain name is an important consideration for those companies that operate online, especially with domestic and international commerce. Our expert domain name privacy protection team can assist you in establishing your trade mark and domain name rights. Once that is all set up correctly, we offer ongoing services to defend against your trade mark misuse in the online marketplace. Read on to learn more about domain name management services.

Our range of domain name and online trade mark protection services 

The act of protecting your domain name can involve several services, and our expert team will happily customise a complete package to suit your needs. This could include any or all of the following:

  • Domain name registration and management
  • Domain name ownership searches and assessments
  • Liaising with auDA in the event of domain name disputes
  • Acting in UDRP and auDRP domain name disputes – filing official domain complaints on your behalf to the appropriate regulatory bodies, or responding to domain complaints on your behalf
  • Filing complaints against other parties to prevent them from using your trade marks in Google AdWords and thereby directing search engine traffic away from your website 
  • SEO monitoring for irregular use of your trade mark on websites not owned or associated with your brand
  • And more

Please note: If you are involved in a domain dispute or discover that another party is using your business or product name as a keyword online, it is very difficult to assert your rights unless you have a registered trade mark. Therefore, register your trade marks and domain names with IP Wealth as soon as possible to ensure your online protection.

From domain name registration to protection, our services protect your brand online

Do you know if misspellings or variants of your brand name have been registered as a domain or in paid search engine listings? This is important information, and the domain name management at IP Wealth can help you get the answers.

We offer meticulous online trade mark and domain monitoring which helps protect your brand’s reputation. Guarantee that your product names and services are not being misused online. Likewise, ensure that your competitors are not benefiting from your reputation.

Ensure your domain name protection with IP Wealth today

Our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyers and specialists are here to help your business grow by protecting your domain name today. Call us on 1800 85 7070 for domain name registration and ongoing domain name management. Relax with complete peace of mind in knowing that your brand is secure in the digital marketplace.

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