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Always speak with our international trade mark experts before entering new markets overseas to ensure the right level of protection for your brand.

The trusted local associates of IP Wealth® offer their experienced international trade mark services to file your trade mark almost anywhere in the world. For years, we've worked closely with our network of boutique, long-standing, reputable associates to ensure your international intellectual property rights are secured. By working with smaller niche firms like ours, we have access to a deep understanding of local laws and regulations. This not only means a higher level of service for you, but also a fast response time to any new instructions and applications. With our network, your registration will be granted sooner. Read on to learn more about how our global network can help you submit international trade marks and register your rights worldwide.

Our international trade mark services cover everything from application to registration to protection

If your brand operates on a global scale, the international trade mark attorneys and consultants at IP Wealth® can ensure your products and services are protected and registered correctly based on all local requirements.

With years of experience, our full range of international trade mark services can be tailored to your exact needs. Enquire today about:

  • How to register international trade marks and advice
  • Conducting a worldwide trade mark search to ensure availability overseas
  • Preparing, filing and managing international trade mark applications inclusive of Madrid Protocol trade mark applications (where applicable)
  • Handling the preparation, direct filing and management of all international trade mark applications
  • Prosecution of international trade mark oppositions (for applicants and opponents)
  • Negotiation and settlement of international trade mark oppositions and disputes
  • Research and advice on the validity of trade marks for non-use purposes
  • Management of all international trade mark portfolios
  • Facilitating the renewal and maintenance of your international trade marks
  • International trade mark infringement and competitor monitoring

The benefits of locally-based international trade mark lawyers and consultants

While our team specialise in trade marks in Australia and New Zealand, we also offer direct handling of international trade mark applications, inclusive of filing and management on your behalf. Our years of experience and extensive networks of international associates make it easy to ensure your global reach is a stress-free experience. 

With a local team available to handle your inquiries and instructions during your operating hours, all international filing requirements can be met efficiently. Our trade mark lawyers and consultants have extensive knowledge of international trade mark laws and systems and will do their best to answer your questions immediately.

The importance of international trade mark services

Why is it important to ensure and submit international trade mark protection? A trade mark is the primary method of distinguishing your company's goods and services from others. Intertwined with your brand, trade mark protection is essentially brand protection. 

Trade mark protection is vital if you trade your goods and services across international borders. However, it is also country-specific, and protection will stop at every border. 

We can help with your Madrid Protocol trade mark application

The Madrid Protocol is another international trade mark registration process that may suit your business needs. This cost-effective and efficient option allows you to register trade marks internationally via the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). With the Madrid Protocol, trade mark owners can ensure trade mark protection in more than one country via one application. 

The US, China, EU, and many other major trade countries have joined Madrid, making it easier to cover many jurisdictions in one application. The Madrid Protocol is cheaper and more efficient than a country-by-country strategy, however, important to note this will only help with the filing of applications. After filing, each country will review the application, search its jurisdiction, and communicate the approval or denial decision to WIPO. The trade mark office in each country is independent, so the laws of each country will apply. If this is relevant to your needs, our specialist international trade mark team will advise and then handle this for you.

Why even bother holding an international trade mark?

An international trade mark is a vital part of your branding and can be a valuable marketing tool if your products and services are available overseas. Your trade mark serves as your identity, and as your business grows, it can be one of your biggest assets. Protecting specific names, logos, and symbols (and even sounds and colours) via a trade mark ensures that competitors cannot copy or profit from your hard work.

Depending on the rules of the country you register in, once registered, the ® symbol can be added to your product labels. In most countries, it is an offence to use this symbol without a registered trade mark.

Let an international trade mark attorney from IP Wealth protect your assets worldwide now

If you need to register international trade marks, let our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyers and specialists help you. It can be difficult enough registering a trade mark locally, let alone trying to understand the different laws and regulations in another country. Ensure your brand’s protection and avoid attempting to handle international trade mark registrations on your own. Call our team on 1800 857 070 to learn more about what you need to cover yourself overseas and how we can help. We’ll describe the relevant options for your trade mark registration along with the most cost-effective method to ensure everything is taken care of. 

Our local and international trade mark specialists have years of experience and knowledge and are best positioned to ensure your company successfully navigates the complicated world of international trade mark requirements. It is vital that you speak to us before selling, licensing, or manufacturing your products and services overseas. Call our friendly and helpful team today!

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