Madrid Protocol Trade Mark Applications

A Madrid Protocol trade mark application makes it easier to protect your brand around the world; our international trade mark experts can help.

The Madrid Protocol is an international trade mark registration process that can speed up the process of growing your brand. Madrid Protocol may suit your business needs and offer a cost-effective and efficient way to register trade marks internationally. Processed via the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Madrid Protocol allows for trade mark protection in multiple countries via one application. Read on to learn more about how our team can help with preparing Madrid Protocol applications to register your trade mark worldwide.

Why consider filing Madrid Protocol applications?

Along with the US, China, and the EU, many other major trade countries can be covered under the Madrid Protocol, making it easier to account for various jurisdictions in one application. This presents a cost-efficient and quick process for trade mark registration when compared with a country-by-country strategy.

Please note: Madrid Protocol trade mark applications are left to each country for independent review after submission. The application will be subject to individual jurisdiction, and the individual governing bodies will communicate the approval or denial of the application to WIPO. As the trade mark office in each country is independent, the laws of each area will apply. 

Our specialist Madrid Protocol trade mark team will advise if this process is right for you

We offer a team of trusted local associates with in-depth experience in international trade mark services. They will assess your situation and let you know the best process for filing Madrid Protocol applications almost anywhere in the world. Our network of boutique, long-standing, reputable associates can also help to guarantee your international intellectual property rights are safe, no matter which regulatory body we may be dealing with.

This network also provides us with a deep understanding of local laws and regulations, meaning a faster response time to any new instructions and applications. All ​​Madrid Protocol trade mark applications are set-up to be approved the first time.

Trust your Madrid Protocol trade mark requirements with the experienced team at IP Wealth®

Registering international trade marks can be very confusing, and an incorrect process can leave your business, brand, products and services exposed. Play it safe and let our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyers and specialists, who are experts in preparing Madrid Protocol applications, help you today. Call our team on 1800 85 7070 before ​​filing Madrid Protocol applications to understand the relevant options for your situation. 

Our local and international specialists have years of experience and will help you navigate the complicated world of Madrid Protocol trade mark applications. Make sure a phone call to IP Wealth® is your first step before selling, licensing, or manufacturing anything overseas. Let us protect your business assets and future income today!

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