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Seven Good Reasons to Renew Your Australian Trade Mark with IP WEALTH®

When you renew your trade mark for the next 10 years, you can rest assured that your brand is protected and we are watching to ensure that your competitors do not try to register a similar trade mark to yours.

Please read on to see what is included. As an existing client of IP Wealth, we offer you the following when you renew your trade mark:

1. Monthly Infringement Monitoring: We monitor all newly filed trade marks in Australia that may be similar to yours. We have invested over $250,000+ in specialised software (developed in-house) to support this very important service for you. We alert you to who they are, what their application is for, how broad their application is, and what your options are. You get to choose to stop them dead in their tracks or let them co-exist with you. It is your choice to act to defend or let them continue to registration. This is included (at no charge) for existing clients in our fixed fee included with your renewal. Non-IP Wealth clients pay $100 per trade mark per month for this service, i.e. $1200 per year. Click To Learn More About Trademark Hero

2. We act as your Address for Service: Many people lose their trade marks every month simply because their business moved locations during the 10 year period of registration, and they forget to update their details with the Australian Trade Marks Office. Then when renewal time comes, the mail gets returned to sender and the trade mark is removed permanently. Worse still, they try and sell the business (with the trade mark) only to find out they lost the trade mark many years ago. That will never happen when you renew with us.

3. Defending Your Trade Mark against Third Party Attacks:  Any time after five (5) years from when your trade mark was filed, anyone can file what is called a “Non-use Action” under the Trade Marks Act against you. Responses are required within strict time periods to defend. Various key dates and deadlines are also required or your trade mark can be partly or fully removed. We monitor for these events, inform you of such attacks and suggest the best strategies to retain your trade mark.

4. Letter of Consent Requests: These are requested from other trade mark applicants who are trying to get their trade mark accepted but cannot because of your existing registered trade mark. We monitor, receive and inform you of such requests. By having IP Wealth on your side, we evaluate each request. Careful negotiation and examination of the Trade Marks Register is essential in these cases for you, firstly to ensure the requesting party does not seek removal, and secondly, to ascertain any extra revenue opportunities that can be negotiated for you.

5. Bi-Yearly Portfolio Review: We promise to contact you every two years, with a review of your current trade marks verses how you are actually using them. This is very important. Trade mark law is very specific on how you can and cannot use your registered trade mark. For example, if your trade mark is a logo, and you put a different version of the logo on your website, you could potentially lose your trade mark.

6. Asset Register Service: Please call us any time on 1800 85 7070 for a professional looking Trade Mark Asset Register of all your trade marks. You can have it in PDF or hard copy format, it is your choice, or you could choose both. They are great for boardroom presentations, informing your marketing department, use in licensing agreements, use in international distribution agreements, or simply to know what you have and what protection you have. There is no extra charge for this if you renew with us.

7. Notification of Renewal: We take responsibility for keeping your contact details current. If you move without telling us, we will exhaust every avenue to contact you (including at our cost, the use of a private investigator) when it is time to renew again in 10 years. Trade marks never expire as long as they are renewed on time. There are trade marks we monitor which have been continually renewed since 1937. Patents, designs and copyrights all expire. Only registered trade marks can be renewed indefinitely.

Do not risk losing your Trade Mark; renew today!